Reach for the Light


The Prophecy of the Clock Tower Part 4

Shershah’s aunt led the two boys to a large mansion in the middle of town, close to the palace. They were received by Shershah’s concerned and scolding parents. Shershah’s mother spent an entire hour fussing around both him and the Prince, and then his father spent the same amount of time lecturing them on duty. Soon, a carriage and caretaker from the Palace arrived to escort Kal back to the palace. Arriving at the palace he was greeted by a parade of deferential servants who led him to his father’s study. In typical fashion, the study was unoccupied and Kal was made to wait an hour for his father.

When his father finally rushed into the room, he was rushed and out of breath, “Kal!” he exclaimed, “Sorry to keep you waiting, dear boy, was just finishing a meeting with Minister Faisal.” An awkward pause ensuedwhere kla kept sitting and his father stood in the middle of the study, looking for all the world as if he was struggling to figure out what else to say. “Ah, yes, I head that you led your new tutor on a merry chase through the city this afternoon!” his father exclaimed. “Jolly, good, jolly good, dear boy, but you really must give this one a chance, he’s very qualified you know, Minister Afsal recommended him very highly to me.”

“But, father he –“ began Kal.

“There’s nothing wrong with having a bit of fun of course, I’m told you got the highest marks in out of all the noble men last month, you do as you like son.” His father interjected hurriedly before coming forward and awkwardly patting his son’s head. At that moment, the butler’s voice rang out from behind the door, “Your Majesty, Count Daud and his assistant is here for your meeting on the finances required for the barge project.”

“Oh, well, I’ll talk to you later son. Duty calls.”, The Badshah smiled absentmindedly at Kal and without another word left to handle matters of state. Kal did not even get to say goodbye, or tell his father anything about why he did what he did, he was left felling both resentful and guilty about being so.

After his father’s hasty departure, the servants led Kal to get refreshed for dinner, which was served in the small dining room, (it seated just under 300 people). The small dining room was used when there were no formal dinners of state. Kal took a seat in the seat next to the head, already aware that he would be dining alone. His father usually supped with whichever official he was meeting at the time.

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