Reach for the Light


The Prophecy of The Clock Tower Part 3

“It’s not like that, Mr. D, it was me, I rigged up the moon charts with colour bombs. He insulted Sher’s dad! And I don’t like him, he is always praising me just because I’m the Prince and finding faults in everything Sher does, he’s mean and unfair!” The normally quiet Prince declared passionately.

At this Sher’s face softened, and he smiled gently at the Prince, ruffling his hair in affection, “That’s not favoritism Kal, you’re just a nerd!” he teased.

At this, Kal’ face fell into a pout, “I am not!” he said back heatedly.

“Are too.” Teased Sher.

“Am NOT!” said a rapidly annoyed Kal.

“Are too!” said Sher, a glint of mischief in his eye as he reached over and tweaked the Prince’s nose.

“OI!” protested the Prince, “I’ll get you for that!” he yelled and pounced on the other boy pulling him to the ground. The two boys were fully engaged in their tussle at this point and didn’t notice the new presence getting closer to them, until someone reached down and grabbed one of their ears in each hand.

“Here you are SherShah, Your Highness, I have been looking all over town for you!” the opulently dressed young woman scolded, letting go of the boys and bending down, straightening their collars and brushing down their dusty clothes all the while lecturing them. “Why I never! Here you are, goofing about, while you have the entire house in a tizzy, looking for you rascals! If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a million times! Don’t go anywhere without an escort! It’s one thing to pull a prank or two on your tutor, and quite another to go gallivanting about the city like a pair of street urchins! What would we have done if you had been hurt, hmm?!”  She looked from one to the other of the boys, both of whom had their heads turned down and sheepish looks on their faces.

“Sorry, Aunt Maryam!” chorused both of the boys, looking up at her with chastened faces.

“Now, come along you two, let’s get you back to the manor. Master Dijalli, thank you for looking out for these troublemakers. Here is a little something for your trouble.” The woman said, pulling out a purse and counting out a few coins.

The stall owner waved them away with a grin, “T’was no trouble Ma’am, those of us here in the Bazaar think of these boys as our own!” he said, while ruffling the boys’ hair. “Take care you two, and mind the words of your Aunt!”

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