Reach for the Light


Forsake Leisure – A Poem

Heavy with hope

Yet lighter than most

Down the slippery slope

Dread clings to every pore

Sinking, unraveling,

Weighed down

At once striving, reaching

Never persistent enough

Never insistent enough

Dropping the burden too early,

Failing at crucial moments

Far from Soldierly

Grab it tight, tighter

Work high, higher

Slowing is not for us,

The need is too much,

Urgent, unfathomable, but not deep

Human desires, easily conquered,

Subsumed by dreaming sleep

Forsake leisure, Drop hesitance

Take up the sword,

Heavier than most –

Though not really.

Ensnared in imagination,

Step out, face reality

With some effort you move freely.

Author’s Note: Hi Everyone! I’m not really a poet, but while I was trying to write a short story, this thing kinds flowed out of me, so here you go. Let me know what you think.

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