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Get to Know Ya – Movie Tag!

Ok, so this is something I have wanted to do for a while now. I apologize to the tag creator for my presumption but I really wanna do this, and I think it would be a lot of fun. So what I am gonna do is answer the Get to Know Ya – Book Tag, but instead of books I will use movies this time so essentially it will be the Get to Know Ya – Movie Tag. I found this tagon Kat Impossible’s Blog. 

Favorite Movie of All Time

Oh, this is a really difficult one to answer but, I think I will choose, what in my honest opinion is one of the best movies of all time, Titanic.

Favorite Movie Five Years Ago

Still Titanic folks. However I can use this Movie tag to give a shootout to one of my other faves, The Lion King.

Favorite Duology/Trilogy/Series

Hands Down this is The Lord of the Rings Series. They are some of the most perfect movies ever made.

Last Movie You Watched

Ugh, this is awful, but it was that cringy new Netflix Christmas Movie starring Vanessa Hudgens; The Princess Switch.  I absolutely hated this film, it is trash. Thanks for making me remember this awful experience Movie tag. 

Last Movie Musical I’ve Watched

This actually happens to be La La land, a good enough movie that I avoided watching till recently because I am NOT a fan of Ryan Gosling.

What Movie Most Influenced Your Life

Oh, Tough one , but I have to pick all the Classic Disney Movies because I grew up on them.

Classic Disney Movies

Movie That Made You Ugly Cry

I actually cry fairly easily at many films, but the one that really wrenched my heart was A Walk to Remember.

Movie That Made You Laugh

Oh, definitely one of my favorite comedies that always leaves me in stiches is Monty Python andTthe Holy Grail.

Character You’d Like to Be For a Day

Black Widow from Avengers. She is so awesome and badass.

Movie So Good You Dreamt About It

Like I have previously stated, I dream very frequently, however the most recent movie to parade through my dreams was when I made the colossal mistake of watching Rosemary’s Baby because of curiosity. I had nightmares for DAYS.

Movie During Which You Walked Out Of The Theatre

Hmm, this is actually fairly rare for me, since I tend to be much more lenient and give movies a chance, but I tried watching Jupiter Ascending and was unable to swallow that train wreck for more than half an hour. I would mention The Last Airbender here, however, thankfully I did not try to watch that in theatres, and I like to pretend that that abomination doesn’t exist. 

What Movie Are You Excited to Watch

Oh, this is so many many many movies, however I am particularly looking forward to Avengers: Endgame.


I tag anyone who see this and want to give it a go. Go wild!

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