Reach for the Light


A Giant Epiphany Part 6

The giant Epiphany knight

The human was fully expecting to be proven correct in his ideas about giants, however, he was gobsmacked when the giant reached behind him, produced his pack, then picked him up and deposited him in outside his door.

The human felt a little wrongfooted as he set out from the giants home. He was also paranoid and afraid that it was a trap, so he kept jumping at the slightest sound. Also everything around him wss gargantuan, from the grass to the trees, to the huge squirrel he saw go thundering by. That squirrel scared him so much he unsheathed his sword and henceforth, held it out in a white-knuckled hand as he traversed the land. Another problem he faced was that he didn’t know the land and so has no idea in which direction he should travel.

He selected a direction and kept walking for the entire day without reaching the border of the giants farm. As night fell he scavenged for food and he found a huge blackberry that had fallen on the Ground. Using his sword,he carefully hacked off a big chunk and ate it sitting in the small hollow of a gigantic tree trunk. He slept fitfully that night, woken by chitterings of night creatures and nightmares about being eaten by a giant squirrel. When daytime arrived, he polished off what was left of the berry, cleaned up as best as he could using his waterskin. The was about to start climbing down the tree when he heard voices. He cautiously peered out from behind his shelter and had to look around for a bit to realize that the voices were coming from the Ground. At first he was delighted to see other humans, thinking that his troubles were finally over and he could seek their help to get away from this place.

To be continued….

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