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Top 3 YouTube Food Channels I’m Addicted To

So this time I’m just gonna list the best of the best in YouTube Food Channels I have found to date. These food shows are some of the most interesting, entertaining,  educational and satisfying programs I have ever watched. Also check my list of most useful beauty Youtubers!

#1 SortedFood

Channel trailer:

The first of the YouTube Food Channels I love is SortedFood. This is a YouTube Channel run by four friends who love food. One of them is a chef and the other three in their own words are “normals”. Apart from cooking great food, theses guys are also hilarious. The entire concept is wonderful, heartwarming and fun. They have many different formats, such as my favourite, “Pass It On”, in which they each cook part of a dish and pass it on to the next person. Apart from being funny, they also teach you lots about food.

One of my favourite videos by them:

#2 Binging With Babish

Channel Trailer:

This is one of those YouTube Food Channels I never realised I needed until I found it. Babish is a brilliant chef who analyses and prepares recipes seen in movies or TV shows from scratch to see how they taste. He makes very elaborate and complicated cooking look easy. It is so much fun to tune in and see your favourite shows gishes being prepared, (in some cases enjoyed and in others abhorred).

One of my favourites from Babish:

#3 Man About Cake

Last of the YouTube Food Channels is Man About Cake. Joshua John Russell is the brilliant Patissiere who appears on this show, he creates incredible, huge cakes. He is extremely talented and his recipes are brilliant. I have tried a few myself. The sheer art and vision that goes into his work is inspiring and brilliant to watch.

My all time favourite video from him:

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