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The Giant Epiphany Part 5

The giant Epiphany knight

Of course the giant had not provided utensils, however the human, as a wandering knight, always carried some everyday implements with him for his journeys, one of which was a fork and a bowl. The human stepping forward,used his hunting knife to slice off a bit if bread and meat to put in his bowl. He sat himself down and ate with gusto. The Giant was very pleased to see his inadvertent guest eating. He grabbed the smallest utensil he could find and filled it (A tiny desert spoon) with water. Then placed next to the food, gently trying not to jostle his guest, the spoon was still a bit larger than the humans head.

The human was startled at the appearance of a giant spoon, but when he saw it filled with water, he was incredibly happy. He got up and went to drink. After refreshing himself the human looked up to see what the giant was up to and he saw that the giant was humming and walking around the house, tidying up. He was astounded by the ginormous scale of everything around him.  He saw that from his position on the bed, it would be extremely difficult to climb down to the floor. The bed was way too high, it was like standing on a sheer cliffside.

After contemplating what to do now, the human decided he would first try asking the giant, or tricking him into letting him go. So, cupping his hands over his mouth the human called out to giant. He had to call 4 more times before the giant was able to pick out his voice. Then he was suddenly faced again by a very excited looking giant. “You called?” The giant boomed excitedly, “Are you alright? Do you need more food? Water? Oh, this is great, you are the first guest I have had in long while, I missed having guests!”

The human was taken aback at these words, “Guest?” he wondered aloud, then said suspiciously, “If I am a guest, then may I leave?” The giant seemed crestfallen, “You are leaving already?” he said, “But you only just got here!” The human, thinking that this was an act, bluffed , “Thank you for your hospitality, however, I am a knight of the realm and my brethren are waiting for me to join them on the morrow. Therefore, I would appreciate it if you would give me my pack, and lead me out of your home.”

The human was fully expecting to be proven correct in his ideas about giants, however, he was gobsmacked when the giant reached behind him, produced his pack, then picked him up and deposited him in outside his door.

To be continued….

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