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The Giant Epiphany Part 4

The giant Epiphany knight

The human started at the sudden noise, almost dropping his sword, whirling around and falling onto the pillow. He looked up and up and then he saw the huge giant, looking at him with a concerned air. The human’s breath rushed out of his lungs in a big whoosh of air. Then the giant moved closer and he screwed up his courage leaping up and bringing his sword to the ready position. “Do not come any closer fiend, unless you wish to meet a sticky end. I demand to be set free at once!” he shouted, with posturing bravado. He knew of course, that his sword was as a matchstick in comparison to the  size of the giant.

The stared, at him puzzled, and a little exasperated, then without saying a single word he picked up the plate of food he had prepared for the human, then gently set it down in front of the human, causing him to squeak with fear and topple over backwards. The giant, concerned, rumbled in a soft voice that nonetheless seemed to the human loud as a thunderstorm, “Are you alright, human?”

The human confused, shocked and frightened, got up and walked gingerly to the enormous plate. On it, he saw, a piece of bread the size of a dining table, a huge mound of mashed potatoes and a piece of meat as long as both of his legs. He was even more confused, his mind jumping from thought to thought really fast. He thought, staring at the food, ‘Why would he show me such kindness? Does this giant wish to fatten me up and consume me?’ The more he thought of it the more the human reused, that it was better to eat up regardless, so he could escape more easily with a healthy body.

Of course the giant had not provided utensils, however the human, as a wandering knight, always carried some everyday implements with him for his journeys, one of which was a fork and a bowl. The human stepping forward,used his hunting knife to slice off a bit if bread and meat to put in his bowl. He sat himself down and ate with gusto. The Giant was very pleased to see his inadvertent guest eating. He grabbed the smallest utensil he could find and filled it (A tiny desert spoon) with water. Then placed next to the food, gently trying not to jostle his guest, the spoon was still a bit larger than the humans head.

To be continued…

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