Reach for the Light


The Giant Epiphany Part 3

The giant Epiphany knight

The giant then swaddled the human in one of his handkerchiefs, and went back to the orchard to work, He spent the rest of the day worrying about the human while doing his chores. When he was finally done, he tidied up his tools and gathered his supper.  When he arrived back home the human was still asleep, so the giant took care not to be loud and ate his supper, setting aside what to him seemed a reasonable portion of the meal for the human, but was in fact far too much.


When the human woke up, he was at first extremely confused, he got up, stumbling, because the ground seemed so unstable. Then he looked down and saw that he was standing on an unidentifiable giant fluffy mass. His feet were sinking into the pillow and it was extremely hard to move around. Soon the human realized that the fluffy mass was in fact a giant pillow, and he grew scared and wary, coming to to the the conclusion that he was in a giants home. He swiftly unsheathed his sword, assuming a ready position, in case he had to fight for his life.


It was at that moment that the giant, who had been cleaning dishes after his meal, noticed him. The giant hesitated for a bit, staring at the stumbling human before  calling out apprehensively, “Hello, are you feeling better? Would you like something to eat?”


The human started at the sudden noise, almost dropping his sword, whirling around and falling onto the pillow. He looked up and up and then he saw the huge giant, looking at him with a concerned air. The human’s breath rushed out of his lungs in a big whoosh of air. Then the giant moved closer and he screwed up his courage leaping up and bringing his sword to the ready position. “Do not come any closer fiend, unless you wish to meet a sticky end. I demand to be set free at once!” he shouted, with posturing bravado.

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