Reach for the Light


The Giant Epiphany Part 2

The giant Epiphany knight

One day it just so happened that the giant set off to his huge apple orchard to tend to the trees, which is where he met him for the first time.

He was a tiny human, no larger than the giant’s pinky, he was collapsed on the Edge of the orchard and looked deathly ill. The giant, being kind hearted by nature was concerned, so he bent down and observed the man closer, trying to identify what was wrong with him.

The human was wearing an assortment of shiny metal stuff, rather than clothes. The giant scratched his head, confused, but then he remembered the other humans he had seen, wearing the shiny metal. They were the king’s men, he now remembered, called “nights”. The giant thought for a bit about what to do, then gently, with the help of a leaf from an apple tree the giant picked up the human.

He took the human back to his house, putting him on his giant pillow, then the giant was at a loss, before he remembered the cordial he had received from his fried the spring fairy. A drop of this cordial would heal wounds. Of course even a giant sized drop would be too much for the delicate human, so the giant used a a stark of grass he plucked from outside to drop a teensy amount on the human’s lips, thankfully he swallowed easily.

The giant then swaddled the human in one of his handkerchiefs, and went back to the orchard to work, He spent the rest of the day worrying about the human while doing his chores. When he was finally done, he tidied up his tools and gathered his supper.  When he arrived back home the human was still asleep, so the giant took care not to be loud and ate his supper, setting aside what to him seemed a reasonable portion of the meal for the human, but was in fact far too much.

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