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Top 3 YouTube Creators I Have Come to Dislike

So just to be clear the intention of this post is not to create negativity or tension. I just find the actions of these three Youtube Creator to be very questionable and worth addressing. Also I would like to clarify that I do not hate these people, only find some of their actions distasteful.

#1 llSuperwomanll

The reason why I have come to dislike this YouTube Creators is that she is very narrow minded and condescending. She acts as if her opinion is the final and best opinion there can be, and she is very self righteous about it. To be honest self righteousness is one of my biggest pet peeves. I believe that being self-righteous shows that you are narrow-minded, unwilling to learn and/or have empathy for others. If you do not keep yourself at least willing to listen to the opinions of others, then not only do you seem uneducated, but you are also unable to grow.

Now this alone is not enough for me to dislike her and call her out, I usually just ignore people like this, accepting that we have different opinions and personalities. The reason I have come to actively dislike her is because she ventured to vent her “perfect” opinions about extremely sensitive topics, which involve faith, religion and other cultures. She went on to insult and make derogatory remarks about these cultures when she made that video. Also I know that people will say that she is comedian so she exaggerated for comedic purposes, but I have to point out that some topics are not comedic at all and the debate around them should be treated with respect.

One of her videos which illustrate this is:

#2 Laura Lee

Laura Lee is a makeup guru on youtube. I used to watch some of her videos, I mean she was never my favourite, but she was fine enough. However this year the news came to light that she used to write racist and fat shaming things on her Twitter. That alone is bad enough, but it was her response to the situation that really left a bad taste in my mouth. She  proceeded to delete her Twitter (i.e. the evidence) and then did not address the situation at all.

After that she uploaded a new video like nothing happened. Her belated “apology” is also just a load of bull and focuses way more on how she hates the consequences of her actions, rather than apologising for the actions themselves. I found her behaviour rude, hypocritical and crass.

Her apology vid:

#3 Jake Paul

Okay, I think everyone knows why this guy is so dislikeable, I dislike him because of his stupid music which literally is bad enough to hate. His songs have such bad lyrics I don’t even know where to begin. The reason Logan is not on this list is mainly because I have never even seen a single vid of his ever. However I have been subjected to the horror that is It’s Everyday Bro.

It’s Everyday Bro:

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