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The Giant Epiphany

The giant Epiphany knight

There once was a big, ugly giant who lived in a tiny hut (well, tiny by giant standards) on a farm. The giant was a very sad and tired being. From dawn to dusk he worked in the farm, producing giant food. Ten feet long Carrots, cabbages the size of cows, and potatoes as big as wheelbarrows!

However the giant was sad and lonely and tired because he never got to enjoy the fruits of his labour. The land owner took and sold all of his crops except for just barely enough to keep the giant from starving. The giant was therefore very unhappy. Living like this, he could hardly afford to feed himself, so he could not get married. Not only was there no space for another giant, there was also no food.

Because the giant was so big and strong, he had actually once been well regarded by the other giants, but after the humans attacked his home and he refused to fight them, ( he was afraid of accidentally killing them), he lost all the other giants respect.

The reason he refused to kill was because when he had been a little giant his mother had told him to always be gentle and kind, especially to those with less power than him. And since his mother’s early death he followed her rules unstintingly. He never hurt anyone, and that is how was attacked,and overwhelmed by the humans.

Of course the giant could free himself at any time however he held back to protect the humans.

One day it just so happened that the giant set off to his huge apple orchard to tend to the trees, which is where he met…

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