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Top 12 Songs in My Summer Playlist

Summer Playlist

#1 “Fake Love” – by BTS

Artist: BTS

Album: Love Yourself: Tear

Released: 2018

Songwriter(s): “hitman” bang; Pdogg; RM

Producer(s): Pdogg

Label: Big Hit Entertainment; IRIVER; Columbia

Genres: K-pop, Emo rap, Rap rock

This Song undoubtedly tops my Summer Playlist because not only is it catchy, addictive and has a great beat, it also has a deep meaning. BTS always produces meaningful music and in their newest Album “Love Yourself: Tear”, they discuss the conflict of self love and loving others. I love their entire Album but this title song is wonderful. What makes BTS’s music even more meaningful is that they write and produce most of their own songs, and I have always admired that in a band. Also as you may have surmised by my gushing I am an ARMY.

#2 “Shine” – Pentagon

Artist: Pentagon

Album: Positive

Released: 2018

Songwriter(s): E’Dawn, Hui, Yuto, Wooseok

Licensed by: Loen Entertainment, Cube Entertainment (on behalf of CUBE ENTERTAINMENT), and 2 Music Rights Societies

Genre: K-pop, Rap / Hip Hop

The next spot on my summer playlist goes to Pentagon. They are another K-pop group that produces and writes their own music and this song is not only adorable, it is very catchy. I did not really know about Pentagon before this song but now that I found this song, I realized that quite a lot of their music is brilliant.

#3 “Nervous” – Shawn Mendes

Artist: Shawn Mendes

Album: Shawn Mendes

Released: 2018

Genre: Pop

Shawn Mendes is so cute in this song, squeee!~ I love it! I love Shawns vocals and I am always waiting for a song from him, and boy did he deliver. That is why this song is this in my summer playlist.

#4 “The Truth Untold” – BTS ft. Steve Aoki

Artist: BTS

Featured artist: Steve Aoki

Album: Love Yourself: Tear

Released: 2018

Genre: Ballad

Original title: 전하지 못한 진심

Language: Korean

Label: Big Hit Entertainment

Songwriter(s): Steve Aoki, Roland Spreckley, Jake Torrey, Noah Conrad, Annika Wells, RM, Slow Rabbit

Producer(s): Steve Aoki

Oh. My. GOD. I adore the vocals in this song and the lyrics are heart breaking, the combination of the soulful singing and wonderfully emotional lyrics makes this song one of this years best ballads.

#5 “Girls Like You” – Maroon 5 ft. Cardi B

Artist: Maroon 5

Album: Red Pill Blues

Released: 2017

Nominations: Teen Choice Award for Choice Summer: Song

Genres: Pop music, Pop rock, Contemporary R&B

Not much to say about this one the only reason it makes my summer playlist is because its catchy, I love Maroon 5 and am indifferent to Cardi B.

#6 “Egotistic” – MAMAMOO

Artist: Mamamoo


Released: 2018

Genre: K-pop

Oh my, this song is gorgeous, and yes i know that is weird to say about music but honestly that is the best way to describe this one.


Song: BAAM

Artist: MOMOLAND (모모랜드)

Album: Fun to The World

Licensed by: Loen Entertainment (on behalf of MLD ENTERTAINMENT, LOEN ENTERTAINMENT); Broma 16, and 1 Music Rights Societies

Genre: K-pop

this is just a cutesy pop banger and I jam out to it a lot.

#8 “I’m Your Girl?” – KHAN

Artists: Khan, KHAN (Euna Kim & Jeon Minju)

Release date: May 23, 2018

Label: Maroo Entertainment

Genre: R&B/Soul

There is just something about the way KHAN sings the words “I’m your Girl” that is electric.

#9 “Gorgeous” – Taylor Swift

Artist: Taylor Swift

Album: Reputation

Released: 2017

Genre: Pop

I love this song because it a return of the Taylor Swift that I loved.

#10 “Touch It (‘달랑말랑’)” – CROSS GENE

Artist: Cross Gene

Album: ZERO

Released: 2018

Label: Amuse Korea, LOEN Entertainment

Genre: k-Pop, R&B

Cross Gene is really hot in this song, I felt shivers when I watched their live performance for the first time at Show Music Core. Look it up I promise it is worth it.

#11 “2002” – Anne-Marie

Artist: Anne-Marie

Album: Speak Your Mind

Released: 2018

Genre: Pop

This song is very cute and just refreshing.

#12 “Sober” – Demi Lovato

Artist: Demi Lovato

Released: 2018

Genre: Pop

This song is very heart-breaking and it tugs at your heartstrings because of the sincerity in the vocals.

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