Reach for the Light


The Meeting of Three Men

Once upon a time it just so happened that three remarkably different men set out on a journey at at the same time. Each of them came from different background and each one’s journey started for different reasons.  

One of them was an apprentice blacksmith, one was a knight seeking adventure and derring-do. The last one was a wizard in the employ of the king. As each embarked on his journey they never expected to be embroiled in the extraordinary as they were the day they met.

Coincidentally each of the three men had to pass through the same forest on the way to their destinations. This was a strange and deadly forest, full of enormous trees that blocked all light and strange and mystical creatures. As each man entered the Forest from different directions and with different destinations, it was unlikely that they would run into one another, however, through different circumstances and difficulties each if them ended up in front of the same tunnel.

The blacksmith’s apprentice reached it first and tired as he was he set to making camp at the mouth of the tunnel. Next came the wizard, tired and frazzled by his encounters within the forest and he was glad to see another human being. He exclaimed in happiness and sat with the apprentice, eating and talking sharing their stories. As they were eating the knight stumbled upon them and he was wounded, upon seeing other people he finally realized that he found help and promptly collapsed.

The apprentice was very shocked, and scared however the wizard took it in his stride. Having worked and been through many battles with knights of the realm before. He directed the apprentice and together they removed the knights armour and treated his wound as best as they could. Each of the three men then went to sleep.

In the middle of the night a great being of terrible intentions found them and sought to pray upon them. He started with the wizard, appearing in the wizards dreams, he offered the wizard many rewards to kill his two companions.

To be continued…

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