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Adventures in Science

Bang! Crash! the sound of breaking things from the Science Lab could be heard clear across the townhouse.

“Sir, Sir, are you alright?” asked Remy’s frantic voice. A hacking cough later, the head of a ridiculous looking man popped out of the laboratory door, his was half in curls and half standing straight up as if he had been electrified while his face was smudged with soot. “I’m fine, I’m fine, but I think that this time I really made it work. I have almost figured it all out, just a few more tests. Science is just amazing!” And so saying, he turned about and almost rushed back into the lab, however he was stopped by a hand grabbing his collar at the last second.

“No sir, you have not or come out of the science lab for three days, and as your secretary it is my duty to ensure that you at least take a bath and eat something before re-submerging yourself into your work. Plus you have missed a few phone calls you need to reply to and you have an appointment with the board this afternoon at two.” This saying, Remy ignored his boss’s protests and dragged him off to be cleaned up, they arrived at the main suite Remy called out to the valet and shoved his burden onto him, “Please make sure that he is presentable within the hour, we have a lot of work to do.”

“Oh come on Remy, please, I only need a few more hours to calibrate the quantum field values -”

“No, you have already spent too much of your time in that Lab.  Scince is not eveything, Hamza. We are only going to be in England for two more days and we need to set up everything for the launch of the company’s newest product. Be ready to leave in one hour. ” Remy cut him off.

The End.

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