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Featured: A Review of Pakistani Telefilm Khana Khud Garam Karlo 


This telefilm is story of a self-centered woman at a respectable post. She pretends to be a supporter of women  rights with wrong concepts and herself is not clear what the women rights are and what do  they mean. She is very much into spreading her wrong messages to all women who come in contact with her. She tries to influence her neighboring woman who is newly married. She held meeting with that girl and portrays a very wrong picture of her husband and guides her to involve her husband in household chores. Her way of guidance leads to trouble and you will have to watch it before you know what happens.


The main role in this telefilm is played by the actress Nadia Khan who acted well according to the assigned role. The other cast includes Nadia Khan, Affan Waheed, Aimen Khan, and Saleem Mairaj. The rest of the cast had a very small role in the film. The telefilm was directed and produced by Kashif Saleem. The writer is Faiza Iftekhar.

All the actors played their assigned roles well and were fully engaged in their roles.

The script

It seems that the telefilm was produced in the wake of  the women’s marches that always take place on International Women’s day across Pakistan. This year a slogan “Appna khana khood garam karo “ became viral all over the social media resulting in this telefilm. It was expected that most men will react badly to the slogan but I never expected this from a women like Faiza Iftikhar.

Instead of depicting the working women in a positive manner and showing that women are the pillars of the society and are equal to men the telefilm presents working women as a negative person who does not know the human rights at all. She is shown as snob and ignorant working women keeps showing that throughout the drama.

It seems that the writer herself does not know anything about the women rights. This is sensitive topic and should have been dealt with very carefully and in a positive manner. We all women do not want to give such negative messages to our new generation.

ARY Digital should have consulted some women rights activist before airing such a stupid telefilm.

My Final Thoughts

Pakistani society is not very progressive and does not support women rights as they are to be supported. Women are facing the problems of domestic violence, mobility and male schavanism in all walks of life in general but this attitude is worse for working women. There is a need to promote positive behaviors in the society and it can best be done by using the media positively.

The telefilm under review promotes the negativism already prevalent in the society and portrays working women as an enemy to men, which is absolutely wrong and is not evident anywhere in the society. Rather the working women are doing double or triple amount of work. Working women are educated and they take more care of their household, children and elders.

I think that this telefilm was a complete waste of resources and time. It only promotes extremism and is worthless socially. This kind of films or dramas should not be aired without consulting the specialists on  the topic.


This review is the Author’s opinion, the author does not claim anything stated here as fact. If you disagree with anything written in this article please do not hesitate to sound of in the comments down below. However, please keep in mind that the author is not liable for any information stated in this post. It is purely opinion.

The Pakistani Telefilm  and all of its materials are owned by ARY Digital. We are merely using some of them in this post to illustrate a point (fair use). If you wish for your materials to be taken down please contact us and we will remove them immediately

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  1. rama ananth

    Yes it is true, al Pakistani dramas only show women being suppressed at every level. They show men not all the helping kind. They are all shown as being against working women. Women however, educated, end up finally ironing mens clothes, taking clothes to for them to wear, Really it is unbelievable in these times . Don’t they have iron wallas to do the job , is still a mystery.
    They have to work if the men are useless, they should not work if they are married to well off men. The women don’t have any identity. I feel it is the writers who are to blame to keep on churning such rudhi themes. I wonder, why these actor and actresses keep acting in such dramas which portrays Pakistan as a backward country, which in reality may not be true also

  2. chinthalapudisandeep

    good point

  3. Very descriptive blog, I enjoyed that bit.
    Will there be a part 2?

  4. Sounds like an interesting show.

  5. Tabassum Shaheen

    Tabassum Shaheen
    Dear Daima
    I don’t agree with you I have seen this telefilm. I think it is a reflection of what men are doing with women. Nadia’s saying that this is what is happening with every women in this society what she is doing with her husband it says all. We are so use to accepting this kind of behaviour with women that we don’t even notice it. But of course she was wrong because she is not humanist. I think men should think of their behaviours after watching this play.

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