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Beauty Tip #20: Kalonji (Nigella Seeds) as the Complete Beauty Supplement

For those of us with bad skin problems such as cystic or chronic acne, extremely dry skin, dark patches, acne scarring etc. the problem is often more from within than without: we need a beauty supplement. No matter how many products you apply to the surface of your skin, which is only a temporary solution to a deeper issue. Not to say that many topical treatments are not extremely effective; they are, it’s just that your body needs more than that to heal. If you have tried many treatments and yet still failed to get proper results, which means that your issue lays within the body.

Often the reason why our skin is bad is because we lack a certain nutrient necessary to keep the skin healthy. The way to fix these issues is to ingest a supplement. Now, there are hundreds of beauty supplement available in the market, but none of them are 100% pure, balanced or natural. This is where Kalonji (Nigella Seeds) comes in; it acts as not only a beauty supplement, but it also improves health.

About Kalonji (Nigella Seeds) as a Beauty Supplement

Kalonji (Nigella Seeds) are black seeds, which are packed rich and full of nutrients; they supplement your diet and fix internal issues, leading to better skin and hair.

Below is a nutrition chart for Kalonji:

The benefits are:

  • Kalonji is high in antioxidants, which help neutralize harmful free radicals that may contribute to the development of diseases like cancer. Antioxidants are also great for the skin.
  • Kills bacteria and helps treat infections, this means that acne has no chance of surviving.
  • It prevents and heals inflammation, keeps skin from getting red and puffy.
  • It aids your liver and keeps it healthy, leading to better clearing of toxins from the body.
  • Helps keep blood sugar levels stable, this also causes skin to look healthier, plumper and glowing.
  • Keeps teeth bones and consequently nails also strong and healthy.

Recommended Dosage

Wikimedia Commons- Kalonji

Wikimedia Commons- Kalonji

How much to Take?

Ingest approximately ¼ tsp Kalonj seeds every day.

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