During pregnancy most women become calcium deficient and complain of back pain, pain in joints, or general weakness. During the pregnancy doctors generally advise to take calcium supplements and iron supplements. I am sharing here a simple and safe supplement for pregnant women which not only will fulfill their need of calcium and iron but is also low cost and delicious: Sesame Seed.

Sesame seed (til) is known to everyone in villages and cities. It is used in many cuisines and often are eaten with Gur or Shakar in winter like a dry fruit. Sesame seed (til) are also used on top of bread, nan and roti in Pakistan and India.

Sesame seeds have great nutritious value with high levels of iron and calcium. Here I share the method for using sesame seed (til) for the pregnant women and for the people who have calcium deficiency.


Sesame seeds 2 tablespoons

Mint leaves 1 tablespoon

Water half liter

Salt ¼ teaspoon


Ground the mint leaves and sesame seeds together. It will be better if we use a pestle for grinding these two ingredients.  When the ingredients turn into a thick paste add water and salt and mix well.

Take a strainer and strain the water through the strainer. Throw away the remains and drink the water. It is very delicious and tasty drink. You can also sweeten it with sugar but it is better if you do not use sugar.

Use the drink throughout the pregnancy and there is no need to take artificial supplements.

If someone is calcium deficient then he/she can also use it for a long time.

Best of luck to all moms!