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Top 5 YouTube Film and TV Review Channels

YouTube Review Channels
Hi guys, so the reason why I recommend these review channels is threefold, firstly; I want to be sure any movie I watch is worth my time. So whenever I want to watch a film I oftentimes watch review channels  review it on YouTube. I have often been saved from major suck-age by going this route (case in point: I didn’t waste money on Suicide Squad).
Secondly, I really love watching the analysis and views of other people regarding movies I have seen which I loved. It makes my day to see other people enjoy the same stuff and I oftentimes find new things to like about the material, which I might have missed.
Thirdly, I love seeing movies I hated being torn to shred by my favourite critics, especially if they are adaptations of books I loved. It is cathartic to hear them rant about them and it soothes my nerdy little bookworm heart. So join me in enjoying these amazing review channels.
#1 Screen Junkies (Honest Trailer Series)

Channel Trailer

Uploaded by ScreenJunkies
Okay, so Screen Junkies does a lot more stuff than honest trailers but when I say I love their work, I am referring to their Honest Trailer Series. This series is exactly what it says on the tin; trailers of movies made honestly (and a bit satirically). These trailers often times turn out hilarious and have made me laugh a lot. All in all they are fun to watch, informative, goofy and all over awesome.
My favourite trailer by them is the honest trailer for Shrek:
#2 CinemaSins

Channel Trailer

 Uploaded by Cinemasins
So this is more of one of those jokey sort of review channels that enjoys nitpicking (sometimes even making up issues) movies. They hilariously drag even your favourite and best beloved movies through the ringer. I enjoy this show because I often find new details to love about movies I loved and things to hate bad movies for. They cover almost all the popular films and it is fun to re-watch and reminisce about stuff you watched.
My favourite video by them is:
#3 Channel Awesome
 Channel Trailer

Uploaded by Channel Awesome
One of the review channels I absolutely adore is Channel Awesome. So this I enjoy this channel only because of Nostalgia Critic Reviews. He is the best rant-er I have ever seen. His rants are cathartic and enjoyable to the extreme, whether you loved or hated a movie. Plus, he is very good at reviewing stuff and makes relevant critique that references all types of technical issues etc. He deconstructs movies and makes you appreciate (or hate them) even more. Fair warning his voice can take some getting used to.
Case in point his review of The Last Airbender was a balm to my grieving soul:
#4 The Dom
This channel does not yet have a channel trailer so I’ll sum it up for you. The Dom reviews movies according to the books they were adapted from. He shows us what they kept, what they changed and what they left out altogether. It is a great way to learn more about and revisit your favourite (or least favourite) movies. I adore his style and his lost in Adapation series. He has much longer videos than any of the previous reviewers, but in my opinion they are worth it.
I once spent hours binge-watching his Harry Potter List:
#5 Alex Meyers
Another one with no channel trailer, guys. Now here is a reviewer who focuses solely on TV shows rather than movies. The most interesting part of his reviews is that they are animated and as a result really different from anything I have seen before, his animations even makes ads fun! His reviews are funny, quirky and relatable.
I love watching him be puzzled over teen dramas the most:
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