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I am a writer and I write about everything in the world. Sometimes I write travelogues, sometimes children stories and sometimes real life stories. There is a story behind me becoming a writer. I was not considered a good learner by my teachers in school as whenever they started a new lesson I was lost in my thoughts and could not answer the questions raised by my teacher. Often they got very angry and I was given extra homework.

Homework was a tedious job and I was unable to complete it in one go. I spent time watching birds and animals and during breaks I did my homework. Usually it took me the whole day and most of the evening to complete my homework. My mother thought that I was slow and she never argued with me but she did not know anything about my hobby of bird watching.

Generally I took my work out in the garden where I had the opportunity to revel in watching sparrows, crows and squirrels. One day when I was trying to complete my homework I saw a monkey in the trees. He was passing from branch to branch and making noises. I forgot everything and started observing him closely. After sometime he went away. I was so fascinated that I wrote everything about him, how he jumped from branch to branch and how he looked. I read it again and enjoyed my writing.

Now I developed interest in writing and started writing about my daily activities, about our garden about the sparrows and also about myself. This I did without telling anyone. I used to hide my notebook under my books. One day my mother decided to clean my room in my absence and she read all my stories. She was impressed by the writing. She wrote a note of appreciation and put that in my notebook.

When I saw the note I loved it and started writing earnestly about everything I observed or saw while coming back from school. I had improved my schoolwork as well but this I did unconsciously.

So that is how I became a writer, but I do not want my work to be published. May be at a later stage I do that also but I am not ready yet.



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  1. I think it shows how imaginative you were as a child!

  2. Wholeheartedly agree! Thanks for the post

  3. mistimaan

    Nice post

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