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Classic Pakistani Songs That Everyone Should Listen To


So guys, this is a list of Pakistani songs that I think everyone should listen at least once in their life. Let me be honest here; when it comes to English songs, I can like pretty much anything; from rock to pop to jazz – however when it comes to my first language it is an entirely different story.

I tend to be a bit snobby and “Intellectual” in my tastes (trust me; I know how pretentious this sounds). Oh and by the way these songs are all really old as I lean towards more classical and old-school music. But I like what I like and my taste may be crap to some; but these are some of my most favourite Pakistani Songs of all time (in no particular order).

Junoon –  Jazba-E-Junoon

Uploaded by iaik on Youtube.

So this song to me is something that to this day lights a fire in my heart. It’s the type of song, that whenever it comes on everyone sings along to it; it’s just that good. It’s an inspirational song that encourages you to keep fighting for your dreams.  The upbeat music and patriotic lyrics get me every time! Some of my favourite lyrics from this song are:

“If you have passion, desire then don’t lose hope, be brave, those who work hard can touch the sky.”

You can find an English translation of the lyrics at this link.

Vital Signs – Dil Dil Pakistan

Uploaded by FightingFalcon16 on Youtube.

Another Patriotic song, you’ll notice that I kinda tend to like these just a teensy bit. I mean you can’t fault the beats and the lyrics are just lovely, this also happens to be a song that I have sung throughout my childhood and which is still played in schools and on the radio regularly. It is a song that brings Pakistanis together. My favorite lyrics are the chorus:

“My heart is Pakistan, My soul is Pakistan.”

You can find an English translation of the entire lyrics at this link.

Adnan Sami – Lift Kara De

Uploaded by SonyMusicIndiaVEVO on YouTube.

Now, this is a song that I love because of its unconventional attitude. It is a song in which the artist addresses god and asks God to grant them riches; the kicker is the tone he does this in; it is so irreverent and refreshing that it feels like you are honestly having a conversation with God.  I think that whether or not you believe in God, whether you are a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew or any other religion, you will find something enjoyable in this song. My favorite line from this song is:

“Oh God, Give me a mansion and a car, not one, but two or four.”

You can find an English translation of the entire lyrics at this link.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – Afreen Afreen

Uploaded by Lisa Ray on Youtube.

Afreen is the ultimate Ode to your lover’ beauty. This is the Urdu incarnation of Shakespeare’s “Shall I compare thee”.  It is brought to life through Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s  incomparable singing prowess and is a Ghazal among Ghazals. My favourite Lines are:

“Her Face is like manifestation of imagination, her face is like a dream, and its interpretation too.”

You can find an English translation of the entire lyrics at this link.

Meri Bukkal De Vich Chor Ni –  Abida Parveen

Uploaded by Qausain on Youtube.

This song is so amazing; from wonderful lyrics to the mesmerizing and hypnotic voice of Abida Parveen. It is Ghazal whose Lyrics are deeply meaningful (they are the Legendary Bulleh Shah’s poetry so they ought to be).  The song reflects on the philosophy of life and religion and is one everyone can get sucked into. My favorite lyric is:

“There is a thief in the folds of my arms; he has, of late, escaped on the sky.”

Lyrics by Kartar Singh Duggal can be found:

Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua – Allama Iqbal

Uploaded by Ahmad Hussain on Youtube.

This is another religious song, it is actually a prayer written by Pakistan’s national poet Allama Iqbal. This is not a song in the sense that it has been sung by a singular artist, but rather it is a deeply moving plea that always gives me hope. My favorite part:

“O God! May my life be like the candle that lights the way!”

You can find an English translation of the entire lyrics at this link.


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  1. Nusrat Fateh ali khan was a legend even he is legend.Our culture is rich but alas we are getting close to other cultures and leaving our treasure behind..

  2. Absolutely love the song Lift kara de

  3. THANKYOU for sharing! I loveee these
    national songs you shared and obviously religious ones the most! ❤

  4. Wow! I think you really love music. These songs are nice to hear! I’ve Thanks for sharing

  5. I love this selection here even though am not Pakistan and i also love the reviews too. I love thw one thar says you should never give up and believe in your God.

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