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Movies by the Numbers: Best of 2017


My Favourite 2017 Movies Analysed According To Rating

So this is going to be a little bit of a different list, I am going to rank these movies according to my own preference but also list their ratings. I thought it would be fun to compare their success numerically with my own enjoyment of them.

#1 Logan

Uploaded by 20th Century Fox


My score for Logan is 92%. The average is 85%.

#2 Lady Bird

Uploaded by A24


My score for Lady Bird is 89%. The average is 81%.

#3 Wonder Woman

Uploaded by Warner Bros. Pictures


My score for Wonder Woman is 85%. The average is 79%.

#4 Victoria and Abdul

Uploaded by KinoCheck International


My score for Victoria and Abdul is 81%. The average is 72%.

#5 The Shape of Water

Uploaded by FoxSearchlight


My score for The Shape of Water is 80%. The average is 82%.

#6 Beauty and the Beast

Uploaded by Disney Movie Trailers


My score for Beauty and the Beast is 78%. The average is 77%.

#7 Okja

Uploaded by Netflix


My score for Beauty and the Beast is 75%. The average is 78%.

#8 I, Tonya

Uploaded by Movieclips Trailers


My score for I, Tonya is 72%. The average is 80%.

#9 Spider-Man: Homecoming

Uploaded by Marvel Entertainment


My score for Spiderman: Homecoming is 71%. The average is 79%.

#10 The Lego Batman Movie

Uploaded by Warner Bros. Pictures


My score for The Lego Batman Movie is 80%. The average is 82%.

The Overview!

Table 1: The Ratings



Table 2: The Money



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  1. journeyatsahm

    Sadly I have only seen three of these movies, but I think this is a great list!

  2. Ruchie

    This great list for all movie lovers

  3. I love Logan. Probably one of my favorite in the Wolverine series.

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