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The Princess and Her Sultan Part 15: The End?

The Princess and her Sultan

With Afshan back in the capital, Gul was relieved of an extra duty that she had been handling in her Sister-in-Law’s stead; the control of the city’s charities and orphanages. Her mother used to handle them, but it was tradition that the charities were handed to the Crown Prince’s wife upon his wedding. When she had gone on the tour, Afshan had entrusted her work to Gul, and now she needed to catch up on the details in order to get back in the groove of it. Gul led Afshan on a tour of the properties and handed over the paperwork, while introducing her to the multitudes of her subordinates.

Theses responsibilities kept both of them busy enough that they only saw Ahmer at night during the Formal Court dinners. The royal family didn’t normally have dinner in State every eve but due to Gul’s wedding, new Dignitaries arrived every day, and they had to be careful not to give any insult to anyone.

Just yestereve, her royal father had had to settle a dispute amongst the representatives of Nihaar and Zanbeel; neighboring nations with a long history of feuding. Ahmer had of course been present, and afterwards he had collaborated with his wife to expertly pull the two men apart. Ahmer leading away the Zabeeli Ambassador into the Gardens and Afshan using a combination of charm and political astuteness had pulled aside the Nihaai  Ambassador and distracted him quite thoroughly.

It had been evident that over the time her brother and his wife had spent touring the nation, they had become a single unit; working in tandem without any need of planning or preparation. She had been struck by a stab of envy; before they had left, it used to be Gul that both of them orbited around, both of them in love, but uncertain around the other; they used her as their connecting point, but now it seemed, that they had managed to create a new balance in their relationship which did not include her. But, seeing them like this also brought her hope; maybe someday she and Mehmed would have the same ease around each other.

It seemed these days, that whatever she did, her thoughts would inevitably end up on him. Though she had never met him he was always present in her thoughts. Anywhere she turned, reminders of her upcoming nuptials stared her in the face. From renovation and decorations, to courtly guests and an endless parade of seamstresses; everything seemed set to remind her of him. Sometimes waiting for his next letter was excruciating, the anticipation rising in her throat and almost choking her with its intensity. So she was very relieved when a servant came to inform her that  a letter had arrived for her and was waiting in her chambers.

Okay usually, there would be a “To Be Continued” sign here but I have decided to shelf this story for now. This story had extended so far, and become so large; that I have decided to not post the rest of it in pieces on my blog. I want to pay it more attention and build it up into a longer story. From now on I will be posting completed stories only for a bit, with a longer chaptered story sometime later. If anyone feel’s cheated by this decision, you are more than welcome to leave a comment with your email and I will send you the completed version of the story in email, as soon as I am done writing it.

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