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The Princess and Her Sultan Part 13: Royal Obligations

The Princess and her Sultan

This was partly why she had been so determined to get to know her Sultan. She believed fervently with all her heart, that a friendship built over time yields a happy marriage, and may even turn into true love. Her letters to Mehmed carried her fierce hopes for a happy and fulfilling life. She set herself the task of getting to know her future husband with a determination stemming from hope and yearning.

As she welcomed her brother and his wife back to court, it seemed as if no time at all had passed between the times when she used to run wild with Ahmer, Afshan trailing behind them, the sole voice of reason.However, her trip to the past was but a momentary daydream in the face of reality. Nowadays, her brother was a much more serious man, fully focused on his duties and obligations, so while he greeted her with smiles and hugs, he was soon ensconced within the council chambers with their father and his ministers.

She hardly saw him, even now, busy being swept along on the hurricane of wedding preparations on her end, and royal obligations on his. She managed to spend more time with Afshan, who had taken her duties as sister-in-law of the bride, as seriously as she handled all her other responsibilities, therefore the time they spent together, was spent mostly carrying out their duties.

With Afshan back in the capital, Gul was relieved of an extra duty that she had been handling in her Sister-in-Law’s stead; the control of the city’s charities and orphanages. Her mother used to handle them, but it was tradition that the charities were handed to the Crown Prince’s wife upon his wedding. When she had gone on the tour, Afshan had entrusted her work to Gul, and now she needed to catch up on the details in order to get back in the groove of it. Gul led Afshan on a tour of the properties and handed over the paperwork, while introducing her to the multitudes of her subordinates.

Theses responsibilities kept both of them busy enough that they only saw Ahmer at night during the Formal Court dinners. The royal family didn’t normally have dinner in State every eve but due to Gul’s wedding, new Dignitaries arrived every day, and they had to be careful not to give any insult to anyone.

To be continued…

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