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The Princess and Her Sultan Part 10: A Bully

The Princess and her Sultan

“But nothing,it is not my duty to help you if you are too lazy to do your own work. How you  can expect others to jump to do your bidding, I don’t understand. I wonder how such an arrogant, presumptuous, lazy and incompetent bootlicker, ever got invited the palace in the first place.” he retorted scathingly.

Now, Afshan, having never met or even seen the Prince up close, had not realized to whom she was speaking. After hearing this, her face reddened in a mixture of anger and embarrassment, and recalling all the taunts she received from what she considered similarly annoying bullies as this boy, her patience snapped. She forgot all of her vaunted civility and straightening her spine, she brought to bear the full weight of her scorn and her intelligence on this boy;

“You Sir, are an over-privileged spiteful bully, judging by your attire you have lived in the palace your entire life in circumstances not far from those which brought me here. Unlike me, I can well believe that you have never once in your life been faced with the underprivileged, never walked among them and felt the fruitlessness of your efforts. You have never borne their suffering in your heart and you are the worse for it. You do not understand that these petty court games, and your small bullying of those less powerful than you are inconsequential and pathetic.

To be continued…

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