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The Princess and Her Sultan Part 6: An Insight

The Princess and her Sultan

Now however, Gul put the letter aside, finally turning to look at the parcel Mehmed had sent her. The box was larger than it had seemed originally, with blue velvet embossed on the outside. She indicated her servant to place it on her table and sitting down,  she opened the small clasps, looking inside; she found about 4 to five scrolls stacked neatly on one side, on the other was a small silver box, that was likely to be the necklace. As she lifted out the scrolls and silver box she discovered that the bottom of the box contained a large rectangular item wrapped in in intricately carved leather.

Curious, she moved the items she was completely sure of to the side and pulled out the large rectangular item. Unwrapping the item she discovered to her surprised delight that it was a book, a historical account of the Ghayyur Empire. She was astonished that Mehmed had sent her such a gift as books were rare and prized items, guarded jealously by their owners, and looking further, this was bound to be an important and expensive book. It seemed to have been written by a person who had lived in the court, a man named Abdullah bin Hasim and was deeply involved in the politics of the nation. As she opened the cover, she discovered a short note hidden within, in Mehmed handwriting.

For  Her Royal Highness, Princess  Anousheh it said on the outside. She opened it and read:

Dear Gul,

I have sent you a copy of my dear friend’s work. He has been my boon companion for many years and has compiled this history of the kingdom after many years of hard work. I ordered this copy made for you as a gift a few months ago and it is finally ready to be delivered, I hope you enjoy learning about our nation and will send to me any question you have regarding what you read.



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