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The Princess and Her Sultan Part 4: An Unexpected Gift

There seem to be an endless amount of minute details that I must personally preside over; from the  colours of the drapings in the west wing, to the number of flower petals that must be dried and pressed to make sachets,  it is an unending list of the most minor details! So i thought I would inquire as to the opinion of my groom: What do you think, cream or blue for the dining plates in the reception?


This time his reply took a week and a half to arrive promptly and was sent by rider instead of hawk. The rider came bearing not only a letter, but also a small velvet box, which he presented to the princess, along with the letter. “His Majesty, Sultan Mehmed sends his regards and has sent a gift for the Princess to show his admiration and respect of her.” said the rider, bowing to the royal family. He also carried correspondence from the Sultan to her father, no doubt discussing matters of State.  


Gul could not describe the feelings of excitement and anticipation that she felt, as she hastily took her leave of her family, trying not to look too eager or undignified.  Her maid followed her, holding the package. As soon as she reached her chambers, Gul dismissed the maid, her hands going first to the gift, before halting and moving towards the letter instead. She wanted to know what he said, more than see her present. His letter read:

Dear Gul…

To be continued…


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