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The Princess and Her Sultan Part 3: The Correspondence Continues

The Princess and her Sultan

The letter went on for a whole extra 12 inches of parchment, answering all her questions and leaving her pleasantly surprised as well as puzzled at the flashes of his personality that she had managed to gather. He was kind, considerate, with a high sense of responsibility and a strange lack of arrogance, given the unmistakably self-deprecating tone the letter sometimes took on. All in all it was amazingly refreshing, and she was even more curious about this to be spouse of hers.

A few days later a palace hawk could be seen carrying a reply from her back to the King.

Their correspondence continued in this vein for many days. She would send inquiries and he would reply with sweet and witty words. Slowly, she came to admire him, his bravery,  dedication and humbleness, made her happy and she started looking forward to meeting and getting to know him in person. In one letter she had asked after his journey to north of his kingdom, inquiring how the situation was being resolved.Her letter had went like this:

Dear Sultan Mehmed,

I was delighted to hear back from you so promptly after our last exchange. Does this mean that you are back in your capital now? I don’t mean to pry into the affairs of your nation, but I have been concerned about the situation in the northern regions. In any case I am glad to hear from you, the wedding preparations here are driving me nearly insane with tedium.

There seem to be an endless amount of minute details that I must personally preside over; from the  colours of the drapings in the west wing, to the number of flower petals that must be dried and pressed to make sachets,  it is an unending list of the most minor details! So i thought I would inquire as to the opinion of my groom: What do you think, cream or blue for the dining plates in the reception?

This time his reply took a week and a half to arrive promptly and was sent by rider instead of hawk…

To be continued…

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