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The Princess and Her Sultan Part Two: An Exchange of Letters

The Princess and her Sultan

She had accepted his refusal graciously and even tried to make up for the lack by sending him a letter. She spent days editing and rewriting until she was satisfied with the results. When his reply came she was pleasantly surprised…

His reply had been everything she was hoping for, sweet and charming, yet witty and a little irreverent at the same time. But at the same time he had not offered to form a regular correspondence like she had hinted at in her letter so she was confused.

He wrote:

Dear Princess Anousheh

It was an honour to receive your letter, and a very admirable endeavour on your behalf. I apologize heartily for not being able to accept your father’s invitation, as tension on our North borders is at an all time high and I must travel there to settle the dispute with our neighbouring nation.

I realise that you must be concerned about my safety, however I believe that a ruler who hides behind his subjects to be unworthy of his title, so I must go and resolve in person. After all, what’s the worst that could happen? Besides war and death that is… My apologies, I have drifted rather off the point, what meant to say was please accept my humble excuses and forgive me for my transgression. I would have loved to visit your nation angered get to know you better in person.

In response to your query about my health, the days I am suffering from mild headaches that are an inconvenience to all my serving staff as they make me rather irritable. However, contrary to my servant’s advice, I have deemed them not serious enough to warrant summoning a  physician….

The letter went on for a whole extra 12 inches of parchment, answering all her questions and leaving her pleasantly surprised as well as puzzled at the flashes of his personality that she had managed to gather. He was kind, considerate, with a high sense of responsibility and a strange lack of arrogance, given the unmistakably self-deprecating tone the letter sometimes took on. All in all it was amazingly refreshing, and she was even more curious about this to be spouse of hers.

A few days latter a palace hawk could be seen carrying a reply from her back to the King.

To be continued…

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