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The Princess and her Sultan

The Princess and her Sultan

Her Royal Highness, Princess Anousheh Farhia Gulbahar Ehsan Khan was currently flat on her back on the Royal dias in the middle of her Royal Wedding. What not started as a good day was turning into complete nightmare full of humiliation and pain.

It seemed just a moment ago when her esteemed royal Father had announced that he had betrothed her to Sultan Mehmed of Ghayyur. However, many months had passed since then, all of spent in a flurry of preparations. Such had been the amount of work to complete that she had not had a moment to slow down and think. Her mother and aunts had led her from one event and pre-marriage preparation ritual to another, with no room for doubts or contemplation.

It was not that Gul didn’t want to get married, or even that she was unprepared for the eventuality, it was just that even after a year had passed she had still not seen so much as hide nor hair of her husband to be. She knew most women did not get the chance to meet their suitors beforehand, however, it was a tradition of the Royal family to invite the potential husband to spend a month with his in-laws. Her father had gone to stay in Lord Arshad’s lands for a month before wedding her mother and Gul had always thought that the same would be the case for her husband.

She had been informed that Sultan Mehmed had flat out refused the invitation, for he was too busy with matters of State. Scandalously, he had offered to host her for the month instead.  It was dreadfully improper, even more so due to the fact that the Sultan had no female currently running his Palace as his mother had passed away the year before.

She had accepted his refusal graciously and even tried to make up for the lack by sending him a letter. She spent days editing and rewriting until she was satisfied with the results. When his reply came she was pleasantly surprised…

To be continued…

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