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The Whims of a Princess – Part 2

You can find Part 1 of The Whims of a Princess here.

In the stables Asma, nervously asks the princess, “Milady are you sure you want to do this, your mother will be very unhappy when she finds out…”, her voice trailed off pleading. 

“I must do this Asma, if I don’t I will regret it forever.” replied Muqadas, a steely determination ringing in her voice. “I will most probably be engaged by the end of next week, so I will never get another chance afterwards. I want to do this it is my right as a princess of this Kingdom. All my brothers have done this and nobody said a word protest against the it. I mean to find out my own fortune as the Princesses of old date did. I will visit the elder which and receive my fortune.”

“But my lady, that tradition was stopped a hundred years ago! Nowadays only the Crown Prince has the right to get his Fortune read. It is said that the witch extracts a great price for her talent said Asma.

“I just want to know what will happen to me. Unlike my brother I have to leave this Kingdom and go somewhere unknown, I am just afraid. Enough talking my brother will be following me soon love enough prepare the house horse.” said Muqaddas

And so saying Muqaddas rode off on her house and into the woods. She collect galloped straight to the edge of the forest where the royal which lived.

When she reached the hut, she knocked on the door. A few moments later the door fell open on its own. Apprehensively, the Princess walked into the hut. The interior of the hut is dark and seems dangerous, however muqaddas was a brave girl. She squared her shoulders and went  in with her head high; scared but resolute.

Muqaddas wanted to know her future. As she walked inside she came face to face with a hooded figure. The figure said “Who comes before me?” Muqaddas replied, “The first princess of the land comes before you great witch to seek my fortune.”

“Very well how will you pay me?”

To be continued…

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