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The Death of My Childhood: A Tragic True Story

A Tragic True story

A Note from the Author:

This is a tragic true story. It was related to me by the woman in the story and here I present it to you.

The Tragic True Story

Oh, those were beautiful days; I used to be floating on a cloud of happiness all the time. I was just eleven years old and I was convinced I had found the love of my life with a guy much older than me. He used to give me rides on his motor bike, taking me all over Islamabad. Sometimes, we went to Rawal Lake, at times to Rose and Jasmine Park, to Shakar Parian and to all the touristy places worthy of visiting in Islamabad. Sometimes we would just roam about on the roads. He would drive his motorcycle very fast and I would hold his back tightly. I thought of myself as a princess and considered him a prince.

Wow, those lovely days and all the enjoyment I had. I still recall them vividly… In those days I never thought of anyone except myself. At the time, I even forgot about my mother who has sent me to school for learning, has nurtured, and supported me as her child.  Forgetting, that she is the one who showed me how to wash dishes and clean clothes, how I cried in her lap when I failed in third class and how she consoled me.

Oh, I was just eleven, in fourth grade and my head was in the clouds. Several times a week I was skipping school and having fun with the guy I was in love with. I did not consider the consequences or maybe I did not have the capacity to understand the consequences.

At the time, I did not want to think about anything or anyone; I just thought about Tableegh and myself, and believed in everything he said about the future. He said he will give me the life of a princess. I did not know anything about the lifestyle of a princess but I believed that it must be the best lifestyle in the world. I was living in such a delusion and I loved it. My delusion gave me relief and I was happy with that.

I originated from a poor family where there was no choice but to work all the time. My mother was a tailor and my father was a labourer. They wanted us to study and then have a better life than them, but they did not communicate this to us. They just forced us to study and that was all. All of us brothers and sisters went to government schools.

We were not happy and did not want to study. We wanted to play in the streets and make friends with the children playing different games. My mother did not approve of this so I was most unhappy and never showed her my love as much as she deserved. She was working all the time; sometimes she was cooking, other times she was sewing the clothes of other people.  I actually did not like her at all. My biggest regret is that I did not try to understand at that time that she is my biggest support.

So one day Tableegh took me to his friend’s house. There he made love to me, which I enjoyed with some fear but he consoled me and said that this is very natural. This was the first time I did not believe him fully. I was very scared but the deed done was done. I did not meet him for a week, rather I did not go to school and told my mother that I was not feeling well. She believed me and cooked special food for me.

After a week I went to school and he was standing there with sweets and chocolates and asked me to come with him. I refused as I was scared and also feeling tired. He said that I should rest and he will come again tomorrow.  He gave me all the things he has brought and I came back home from the outside. I was actually not feeling well. So to cut a long story short my mother came to know that I am pregnant and gave me the beating of my life. I told her about Tableegh and I have no idea how we got married.

Now I am living in a one room house and have three children. I actually found out that Tableegh was already married and he had five children. I did not know all this at that time even though my mother had her suspicions. Now I have a very hard and miserable life.

My one true regret is that my husband did not keep his word and buy me my own house or treat me like a princess as he promised. I do not know what to do and where to go as my parents are living in the same poverty. Now I am working hard on my children so that they do not have to face the same life as I have.

Spread awareness, share this Tragic true story.

The Death of My Childhood

Disclaimer: Although this is a true story; I have tried to recreate events, locales and conversations from my memories of them. In order to maintain their anonymity in some instances I have changed the names of individuals and places, I may have changed some identifying characteristics and details such as physical properties, occupations and places of residence.


  1. This breaks my heart. I hope that this shows how vulnerable a young girl is and spreads the awareness and hopefully changes can be made. I sure hope this girl finds peace.

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    Nice post

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  4. I don’t know what to say other than I’m sorry that this happened to the author and I think it’s just amazing that she’s using her voice to warn other women. Thank you for sharing.

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